About Duke Public Schools


A FIRST IN OKLAHOMA: THE UNDERGROUND SCHOOL It was every child’s secret fantasy and every school administrator’s nightmare.  On April 9, 1964 as the cry “Fire!” echoed throughout the halls of the Duke school, this small community in southwest Oklahoma was faced with reconstructing the entire facility.  However, with the students safe and smoke still […]

School Board

OUR MISSION The mission of the Duke School Board is to ensure a quality education to students in academics and leadership opportunities so that students may develop to their highest potential with the most effective staff to impart knowledge, skills, and ethics vital to responsible citizenship and productive careers. School Board Members School Report Card […]


Johnson Family Because Altus AFB is such a unique base in that it is in a rural and remote location we were looking for a different type of experience.  It’s not often a child would get to go to a school with just one classroom for each grade.  We had decided to send our children to one […]

Safe Facilities

During the summer of 2013, thanks to the generous donations made to the Duke School Foundation, Duke School was able to make several improvements and upgrades to the safety and security of the school. The outside entrances have security cameras and visitors are now asked to buzz in before entering the school. All classrooms have […]